Do You Know How Many Calories Contain The Tea?

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 For proper functioning of the body, we need daily to consume about 2 liters of fluid, preferably water, but if we do physical activity even more. Water cleans the body from inside, and our skin and hair make more elastic and more beautiful.

Dehydration can be a reason for many serious health problems. Some of us just can not Dehydration only, so there are other drinks that count as water. In those soft drinks came in and “dense natural” juices, sports drinks, energy drinks. This empty calories increase the risk of overweight and diabetes (diabetes).

Do You Know How Many Calories Contain The Tea?

Do You Know How Many Calories Contain The Tea?

Therefore various teas have a very useful benefits for your body. They have zero calories, and if you sweeten with honey and lemon, you get a small extra calories and health benefits. Tea is great when applying various diets.
You can cook in a metal container 2 liters of water and add 4-5 tea bags, while transfer the tea in a bottle and let it be on hand throughout the day. You will be permanent hydrated and will constantly detoxifying the body.
Give your body a healthy drink without extra calories.

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